How can I get further information?For any clarification you can use the information request tool available in the contacts tab of Contactthis site or by phone / email, with any of the employees thereby mentioned.

How to buy at Casa Gourmet?Our website will grow to provide two types of services. The first stage is to sell to registered professionals (B2B) and later, to act as an online store (B2C).You can also shop at our store located in Guimarães.

Which means of transport are used for shipping?It depends on the order's destination. The list bellow indicates transportation partners available for each region:
- North: Own distribution fleet or outsourced (Torrestir or Frigomato);
- Rest of mainland Portugal: Outsourced distribution (Torrestir or Frigomato);
- Azores and Madeira Islands: CTT - Postal service
- Europe: CTT - Postal service

How much will shipping cost me?The shipping costs depend on the type of cargo, weight and the delivery destination. Depending on the type of product and total order price, you may not incur shipping costs. On the online store there will be a tool for calculating shipping costs.Para clientes profissionais o custo de transporte será definido em negociação a efetuar após registo inicial no site.

What is the delivery time for an order?Na zona Norte de Portugal Continental temos um plano de distribuição sem custos com viaturas próprias e entregas semanais.
For the rest of the Country and Europe, or for unscheduled orders in the North region, after having received payment, an order usually takes:
Up to 48 hours in mainland Portugal
Up to 3 business days in Azores and Madeira Islands
Up to 5 business days in Europe.
- Cerca de 6 dias úteis na restante Europa;
Para clientes profissionais os prazos de entrega serão definidos em negociação a efetuar após registo inicial no site.

What are the available payment methods?Our online store will accept bank transfers, via the Multibanco network or the MB WAY mobile application.
At our offices or bricks and mortar store, payment can be done in cash, credit card or Multibanco. We also accept bank transfers.
Clientes Profissionais poderão ainda optar por transferência bancária caso tal seja acordado na negociação efetuada.

What if my package is damaged?If, at the time of delivery, you find that your order is damaged, you must return it immediately to the delivery company, justify the reason for the return in the delivery note and notify Casa Gourmet immediately.

Can I cancel an order?O cancelamento de uma encomenda terá de ser feito por escrito até ao momento da sua expedição.

Posso devolver ou trocar um produto?Exchanges or returns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Shipping and travel costs will be on the customer.


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