Gestão de Qualidade

The Quality Management System Policy established by Casa Gourmet's management showcases the organization's commitment to the implementation of the Quality Management System's requirements, according to the standards NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

As such, CASA GOURMET implements an integrated policy:

  • Our Mission, Values and Principles, describe the objectives, needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders, collected periodically, and the material and human resources available;
  • A food safety management system is in place, based on the identification of hazards for food safety, implementation and continuous improvement of HACCP Plans, implementation of communication channels with all stakeholders, and the adequacy of technical and human resources and requirements.
  • It contemplates the commitment to ensure the response to the expectations of the clients, as well as the fulfillment of all the regulatory requirements applicable to the services rendered, in order to provide their satisfaction and loyalty;
  • It encourages the involvement of all employees, betting on continuous training, encouraging their appreciation and motivation;
  • It is fulfilled through the Objectives of the Quality System, which are monitored periodically;
  • It is disclosed to all stakeholders, namely employees, customers, suppliers.
  • Interacts with the market both dynamically and proactively, in order to promote relationships with partners / suppliers / and other stakeholders;
  • It is transmitted to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization;
  • It is publicly available;
  • It ensures the continuous improvement, efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the services provided.
  • The Management shall review the quality system policy at least annually, according to the Procedure (PR01), even if the review does not result in any changes to the policy.


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